Wood Saving Oven


Due to climatic conditions, solar cookers are not always applicable. As a supplement and alternative to the SK4 solar cooker, the wood saving stove WSS 2012 was developed.


The Wood Saving Stove by EG-Solar e.V. is powerful, energy-efficient and safe.

  • The combustion is complete, almost without smoke.
  • Compared to the three-stone fire, it consumes over 70% less firewood.

Objective in the development of the WSS:Simple construction,

  • Use of materials that are available on site,
  • Production in small craft enterprises in the user countries, should also be possible without electrical power connection,
  • User-friendly, should come close to traditional cooking habits,
  • The embers generated during combustion are to be used,
  • Existing pots are to be used,
  • As little as possible harmful smoke,
  • The safety in handling has to be ensured.

The WSS was developed together with pupils from the vocational schools Altötting. Richard Fetzner, a member of the association, contributed his many years of experience in the development and testing of energy-saving ovens.

Funktion WSSFunction:

  • The fresh air is supplied via the furnace opening and the ventilation duct with grate,
  • The cold air rising between the furnace jacket and the combustion chamber is heated and burns the ascending wood gas completely,
  • The draw tube bundles the flame and ensures the correct distance to the pot,
  • The efficiency plate (chimney), ensures that the flame is spread over the pot over a large area and the heat is transferred optimally,
  • The adjustable efficiency plate “cake ring” is infinitely variable up to ø36cm. The brackets determine the correct distance to the pot.



  • Support brackets prevent the stove from falling down,
  • Efficiency plate and the pot can not slip off.
  • Combustion chamber and furnace jacket are separated, thus the outside temperature on the jacket is limited to 260 ° C.


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