In March 2022, 3 solar cookers were delivered to the Loreto Children’s Home in Zimbabwe via the Bulawayo Projects Centre.
They were overwhelmed!

=> Project Report (at present available in German only)


Solar Cookers for the Bulawayo Projects Centre, Bulawayo

EG Solar has decided to sponsor 100 sets of reflector sheets for the construction of SK14 solar cookers
in the Projects-Center Bulawayo / Zimbabwe and to send them by container via the Dutch aid organization

Please look up the photos -> https://www.albelli.nl/onlinefotoboek-bekijken/5d0850a7-c47d-4b3e-8cf8-4986302b9379 an.

The Project Center supervisor informed us that they held a solar cooker building course with Brandon Moyo, our partner workshop manager from earlier on, and that there was great interest in expanding it.