Solar Cooker

Funktion mit Sonne


A parabolic mirror reflects the sun’s rays onto a matt black pot at the focal point inside the mirror. Therefore burns and glare can be avoided.

  • The cooker can be used one hour after sunrise to one hour before sunset.
  • To ensure an optimal angle of insolation the cooker can easily be moved every 15 to 20 minutes.


  • 700 watts of power → 3 litres of water boil in about 25 minutes in optimal insolation
  • 12 litres pot → up to 20 people can be fed


Bedienung SK14

• For stirring it is necessary that the pot is in the shade and the reflector has to be moved accordingly

 ⇒Operation instructions and Safety rules

Animationsfilm 350

⇒ Animated Video

Cooking, baking frying, preserving…with our solar cooker SK14

⇒ The solar cookery book by Imma Seifert in 5 languages 

cooking, baking, frying…


Production of solar cookers

The solar cookers are designed to enable local production with the simplest tools. For serial production of the solar cooker SK14 (band steel rack), we have compiled a set of workshop equipment with hand-operated tools which can  also be obtained from us.