Every donation counts

Dear potential donor!

Thank you for your interest in supporting EG-Solar’s projects and workshops.

As you can see from our last annual report, we were again very active last year – despite the corona pandemic – and were again able to inspire many new interested parties for this “simply ingenious” invention of the solar cooker.

In order to ensure that the idea of solar cooking can spread further we depend on financial support from individuals and organizations and welcome any donation which helps us to continue our work.

There are different kinds of this financial support:

Single/one-off donations: Support specific projects with a single donation.

Regular donations by standing order/direct debit: Our work requires continuous commitment. Regular donations are a reliable source and reduce administrative costs as well. Consequently even more money flows into our projects.


Becoming a member of EG SOLAR e.V.:
We are thrilled about everyone supporting us this way!
It is not only the financial aspect due to regular contributions that counts.  Every member is part of our “solar family”, shares/spreads our
values and brings us one step closer to achieving our objectives.