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Solar cooker assembly kit without pot

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Solar Cooker SK 14

Diameter = 1400 mm, performance approx. 700 Watt*.

Complete construction made of aluminium – Weight: 18 kgs,

Pack size: 11300 mm x 440 mm x 80 mm.

* The nominal power  was determined by a direct insolation of 750 Watt/m²

Assembly instructions as well as assembly tools are included.


Applicable with immediate effect:

The solar cooker SK14 is made by volunteers in our training workshop. In accordance with the statutes, we only sell/donate our model to schools and ecological and/or educational institutions as well as to partners in development cooperation in order to encourage these people to copy/manufacture it. For private needs, please contact our partner ““.
Thank you for understanding.

Please note that the current lead time is approx. 3-4 weeks!


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